Client Results

Ever wondered what a fitness transformation actually looks like? Well, you came to the right place. Below you’re going to find a handful of my clients who have changed their body and health for the better.

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– Mike S


“‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’”

This is possibly the most accurate way of describing what Aadam does in the context of coaching.

Since commencing my fitness journey, his guidance and versatile approach has allowed me to not only to transform my average looking physique into something I never believed I could achieve but also acquire a very thorough and comprehensive understanding of the science and art required to not only achieve but more importantly maintain an aesthetic physique year-round.

I urge anyone with physique orientated goals to allow Aadam to do for you what he has done for me, and I can almost guarantee you shall not be disappointed!”  

– Darius


“I was an individual who lifted for about 2 and a half years who did the bro diets and shitty ass programs before getting to know about Aadam.

I wanted to have a better understanding of how my diet could affect my body composition. Trust me, Aadam was worth every cent that I paid for. When I was under his coaching, I was so excited to report back to him every week because that’s when you know whether you’ve been progressing or not.

It is always good to have a third party view on what you’re doing and not just any third party, but one that is able to nitpick out the little details. He explains to you what he has changed in your weekly macros, how different you’ve been looking from week to week and explains to you the rationale for changes.

I’ve learnt so much from him that I am now able to structure my own diet. Point: HIRE AADAM!”

– Aled


“I approached Aadam to help me prep for a fitness shoot. He provided me with a valuable objective viewpoint and supported me throughout the whole process.

He didn’t prescribe any food restrictions or stupid amounts of cardio. The plan was tailored to my lifestyle and switched up based on my feedback as necessary.

Daily support throughout my peak week.

Would recommend anyone looking for an evidence-based coach to give him a shout.”

– Sindre


“As a personal trainer, I knew what I needed to do with my training and diet, but I struggled with staying consistent.

After hearing an interview with Aadam on a podcast, I was confident he could help me. After contacting him, he was quick to respond and gave me a flexible and tailored plan. No BS, just focus on doing the important stuff that brings the results.

The plan was flexible enough to fit into my life while getting me to my leanest condition ever. I actually got some nice strength gains as well, hitting a lifetime PR on my chin ups.

When an old lower back injury flared up, Adam was quick to modify the program so I could keep training and progressing. 

I’ll definitely hire Adam again if I ever need help getting in shape again. Much recommended!”

– Tiago


“There were multiple benefits to having Aadam as a coach, but if you asked me to choose the one, I’d say ‘No, I’m going to choose three’:

1) Accountability 

I’d tracked Caloric and macronutrient intake tracked weight and gym before previously but only for intermittent spells. Aadam provided me with systems that were an easy and effective way of tracking all the key variables. This really reiterated the value of what a period of consistent few months of solid training, recovery and nutrition.

2) External perspective 

Being a PT and involved in an MSc program, I’d say I’m capable of writing my own program. However, it was refreshing to have someone take care of that and highlight weak areas forcing me to go where I wouldn’t have gone on my own. It was also useful to have Aadam make the decisions with regards to my training/nutrition and know that an unbiased and knowledgeable decision was being made.

3) Expertise 

Simply a really well-rounded guy both in terms of experience, online and offline and in having a sound grasp of the implications of research on training.”

– Milan


“Aadam is one of the best fitness coaches around. Why?

Simple: No marketing fads, no bs, no gimmicks. The real deal.

Being a vegetarian, I needed someone who can truly accommodate my diet. Within just 6 months, I made significant increases in muscle mass while sustaining fat levels.

Furthermore, I love knowing the details (why my body does what it does). Unlike most PT’s he actually took the time out to discuss how and why the body reacts the way it does, which is just so rare to find in this current market.

I came to Aadam after going through 5 PTs, some were frauds, some were overpriced, and some were just marketing gurus – glad to say, once I met Aadam, I’m never changing my PT.  

A great friend and an amazing Personal Trainer. Keep rocking!” 

– Nasir


“I never thought I would look into a mirror and ever look at myself with respect after the abuse I put my body through.

Sure, I had this fantasy that maybe one day I’d be ripped or close enough, but that’s all there was until I came across Aadam. 

He’s made me realise how easy it is for you to get fit. I see fitness and nutrition completely differently now. I’ve already lost 15kg, and it finally does seem to me know that I am not far from that body I used to dream of.  Thanks, Aadam!” 

– Hussain


I work full-time time practising law, and although I admit it’s been tough juggling training and eating well with my hectic schedule – and I have fallen off track now and then – I was able to get into the shape I wanted thanks to Aadam Ali.” 

– Brian


“Working with Adam was the best decision I made when it came to my physique. 

Prior to working with Adam, I was in limbo; yo-yo dieting with a long-term goal that I wasn’t able to reach due to inconsistency. 

Growing up, I was a fat kid; I always loved food and I didn’t lose weight until middle school where I started playing basketball.

Long story short, I started weight training and made decent progress but I was never satisfied with how I looked. Due to my obsession with getting lean, I ended up with an eating disorder that started in high school that stayed with me for years prior to working with Aadam. 

I followed Aadam for quite some time on Instagram and would regularly read his articles on his site. I loved the way he wrote his articles and how he utilised philosophy and emphasised the mental game when it came to fitness. 

I was tired of not seeing the results I wanted and I decided to contact him, hoping that he could guide me in getting the leanness I’ve ever been. 

I knew he was the right person because he emphasised mindset over everything, which was my problem. After working with Aadam for 2 months, not only did I get to a level of conditioning I never thought I’d be able to but I also had a change in my mental state. 

Working with Adam has shown me that what I was lacking this whole time: The discipline and self-control. This has since then transferred to other areas of my life, such as school and work. 

I came in thinking that I was going to just end up getting lean, I didn’t know I was going to have a mental shift as well.

Whenever I doubted myself or had questions, Aadam would quickly respond to my emails, which is what a great coach is supposed to do. 

Not only am I thanking Aadam for guiding me in fitness, I am also thanking him for helping me achieve the discipline and self-control I needed to combat the bad habits with food and other areas of life that I never thought would change. 

The last two months, not only have I gained knowledge in changing my physique, but I have also gained the knowledge of changing my mentality. 

Thank you so much man.”

– Ali

– Darcy

“I’ve never had an issue with the training and tracking side of things before, but have previously struggled with adherence and progressive adjustments on the nutrition side.

The gap between knowing what I needed to do and actually consistently executing it was causing me to waste time.

Aadam provided accountability and objectivity for me, and with nutrition adjustments being made by an experienced unbiased third party, I could trust in the process and spend that mental energy on other pursuits.

The bespoke training plan provided was flexible to my circumstances and solid; Aadam replied to any questions inordinately fast.

I did not expect the process to be as easy as it has been, as my first coach, my only point of reference was my own poor attempts to lean out. I wish I had done this sooner. If you’re on the fence, get off that fence! Just do it.

– Andre

Unfortunately, sometimes life sends a curveball your way throwing you off the amazing progress you’re making. That’s what happened in Andre’s case who suffered an injury causing him to stop training.

We still managed to get him awesome results in the six weeks we did work together. Here’s what Andre had to say.

“Before I started working with Aadam I was in a constant cycle of wheel spinning. It’s not that I didn’t know what I needed to do to get results, I just didn’t have any motivation and someone to hold me accountable.

I was also getting lazy in the gym. Following minimalist programs, almost zero cardio, and eating a bunch of crap. Within a few weeks under Aadam’s guidance, I noticed a major mental shift.

I realized I didn’t have any emotional issues with food and everything I was struggling prior to working with him was all in my head. Basically, I was being lazy. Another interesting thing I realized is aggressive deficits don’t cause muscle or strength loss. In my case, I was gaining strength weekly.

This entire process (gaining muscle or losing fat) is all mental. Having someone like Aadam in your corner makes the entire process much easier.”

– Rupert

“Big fan of Aadam since the early Shreducation days and was interested to know his process. My goal was to gain experience and improve upon my own coaching, have fun and get shredded. By hiring him I became accountable and it helped heaps.

His process was clear with useful explanations and instructions on nutrition and exercise.  I gave him every bit of info he needed and he guided me accordingly. It took me a while to understand his method; his was no spoon feeding & to get the job done.  And boy did we get it done.

I like to summarise his style like this:  He gave me enough light to see just enough ahead so I wouldn’t get distracted or walk blindly into the dark. He’s left me with the knowledge that I have so much to more to learn about the body and my journey has only just begun.”

– Lindsay

“I followed Aadam for about a year and really liked his content and style, he always made me think, didn’t take any BS and made me laugh. I jumped at the chance to be coached by him. I filled in the questionnaire and he tailored my exercise and nutrition accordingly.

He got it so spot on that I don’t think of this as just a way to lose weight and look good naked (this is still work in progress) but as a way of life.

It does take work but I knew that to begin with. I didn’t think he would agree to coach me as I am a 55-year-old overweight female which is different to the usual but he has been completely supportive and I feel very privileged to have been coached by him. I recommend him to everyone.” 

– Poly

“Simply put: Aadam adds color to an industry where things are propagated in black and white. For quite some time I have wanted to maximize my training and physique. I had little to no experience in online coaching, but all the scepticism. After following Physiqonomics’ content over a year, I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad I did! Having Adam as my online coach throughout my cut has been a great experience. His philosophy to dieting and programming are clear-cut and approachable.

– Hasan

– Nuno

“This has been one of the best learning experiences of my life.

6 years ago I embarked on a weight loss journey that started with me weighing in at 130kg and made it down to 100kg by just exercising like a lunatic, with a couple of bad diet plans in the middle.

Eventually my weight stabilized (at 100kg) and I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t going down any further…I contacted Aadam and explained my problem to him, and after devouring all of his articles, I decided to take him on as my coach.

Before we dive into the (ongoing) results, let me say what I’ve learned:

The first thing I learned was that I was accountable for myself. This was incredibly empowering because I’ve always thought I was some sort of special snowflake that just couldn’t drop weight.

Empowering as it was, it was also daunting… I felt a child again, re-learning, step by step, how there is no magic supplement, herb or workout to get me to my goals, just my own work.

Aadam was always there for my silly questions and I always had all of the support I needed whenever life threw me something odd (it happens to everyone).

His knowledge is vast and he has always been able to tell me what’s “social media bullshit” and what’s actually important for me to achieve a proper physique.

Now for the results: I started off at 102kg and dropped to 89kg. In the meanwhile, I’ve dropped jean sizes from 40″ down to 32″-34″, I have visible abs and a strong pair of legs. My deadlift is 196kg, back squat is 150kg, etc. I have run half a marathon and I’m always full of energy… so much my friends say I’m hyper.

I don’t have an end-game goal anymore, I just want to get stronger, fitter and better looking.

The community that he built is also incredible, full of kind people from all over the world.

Now I just need to drive to London to actually go for a gym session with him :)”

– Elayne

– Ahad K

“Working with Aadam has been an awesome experience. I have not only experienced great physical results, but I’ve also learned to diet/train in a much more optimal manner. I am in the best shape of my life while also maintaining a healthy relationship with food/family/friends, etc. Aadam has a very simple/direct way of coaching which makes the entire process easy, but he is also very flexible with his methods. I would highly recommend Aadam as a coach!”

– Shane

I’m 84.8kg now. 85kg had been my biggest milestone for years. Now I can’t believe I actually achieved it!

I’d been lifting for about 9 months and suffered from ‘fuckarounditis.’ I knew what I needed to do and I knew how to progress in the gym and I knew what I needed from my diet but I just fucked around.

Once I signed up with Aadam, he helped me develop a strong sense of accountability. His articles motivated me and his coaching disciplined me. I’m now off his coaching but I’m set for life with the habits formed and discipline created from his coaching.” 

– Matt T

– Chayla

– Faiz

–– Bridgett

“I found Aadam/Physiqonomics through one of those endless nights of scrolling through IG.

His dietary approach resonated with my beliefs (that have been shaped by Andy Morgan, Eric Helms, etc.), and I discovered that he offered deeper insight in the areas where I lacked confidence and/or experience through his personal and group coaching.

Working with him has allowed me to ‘let the diet handle the fat loss’ (instead of cardio), practice calorie/carb cycling (something I wanted to try but was unsure how to implement), increase my overall NEAT (stop being lazy), look holistically at multiple points in data as evidence of success (the scale doesn’t dictate how I feel), and work towards my goals in a sensible and sustainable manner.

By being consistent, I have seen great results and gained knowledge under his no-bullshit approach.”

– Josh

“When I was trying to get in shape by myself I was never confident what I was doing was working. As a result, I bounced around from program to program and never got the results I was interested in achieving.

Since I have started working with Aadam I have lost over 30 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. He is always quick to answer questions and provide needed perspective on current status towards my goals.

He taught me not to worry about the occasional slip and showed me how to achieve my goals and still enjoy food at the same time. If you want to get yourself to a lean healthy weight, you owe it to yourself to hire Aadam as your coach.”

– Allison

– Mike D

When Mike enquired about coaching, he was adamant he needed to lose fat.

I explained to him that, in my professional opinion, he didn’t need to lose fat but rather, he needed to spend time in a calorie surplus and gain muscle.

He listened.

And well, his photos speak for themselves. Here’s what Mike had to say:

“You have completely demystified all the bullshit that flies around about fitness on the Internet as well as taken away the anxiety that lots of people have about a bad meal/bad week/bad workout etc.

It’s all about overall consistency over time, not losing your shit about the small stuff.

And I’m really happy with how I’m looking and seeing progress, which is pushing me more and more in the best way.”

– Patrick M

“I reached out to Aadam because I wanted a lean/ 6 pack by my birthday. Specifically my 45th birthday.

And well, on my 45th birthday I am happy to announce I shed 29 pounds and a ton of fat. I’d say we got er done.

You helped me deliver the best birthday present I could have asked for. A youthful physique that would give my 20s body a serious run for its money. Thank you.

And for those of you just beginning know that this is possible. Just make the next right decision on your journey and this can be you.”

– Manu

– Susannah

– Refaat

– Willa

– Amanda H

“The difference in my body is startling.

It’s not just a physical difference though, I’ve always had an (illogical) quick-win mentality to weight loss that I’ve never been able to overcome.

Working with you has built an absolute trust in what you have prescribed for me.

I’m stunned by my mental shift to trust in the long term rather than being dissatisfied with short term results (and consequently giving up). I can actually see, and feel, a proper recomp happening with my body AND mindset – it’s amazing! This sort of a mental shift has only happened because of the building of trust in your process.”

– Brett W

“I can start to see some actual effin’ abs for once.  This is the shit I’ve been working towards.  

Back in my twenties, I was too scared to lift weights as I had no proper ‘trainer/teacher’ to guide me on the right way to eat and train.  

And then I stumbled upon your blog on the internet and I thought, “This is it, this bloke knows what he’s talking about.”

Now, after almost 30 years of trying to ‘get abs’, it’s happening! And it’s happening because of YOU Aadam.  You’re sending me down the right path.  Thanks, mate.”

(OH, I forgot to mention Brett’s in his 50s, and looks better than most guys in their twenties.)

Interested in finally achieving your dream body just like all these people?

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