Hi, I’m Aadam.

This is the part where I’m supposed to write some really pithy piece of prose where I extol all the certifications I’ve garnered, all the popular websites I’ve written for, and blah blah fucking blah.

Well, I’m not going to do that.

Because, quite frankly, I hate bios. Honestly, I’d rather be dragged through broken glass, made to firewalk over burning hot coal and finally clobbered to death by a baseball-bat-wielding troll than write a ‘bio’.

So, instead, here’s what we’ll do: I’ll TL;DR my life below and you can make up your own mind about me by checking out the content I’ve written and all the clients I’ve helped transform their body and health.


I grew up a fat kid. Wanted cover model abs. Dedicated my teen years to this one purpose – travelled vast lands and treacherous plains to acquire fat loss secrets. Arrived back home. Got the abs. Got the girl. Girl left me. Realised I liked training. Got awesome at it. Taught others.

And now we’re here.

Why Should I Listen To You, Huh?

OH, you thought this was one of those sites. Cute. It isn’t. You don’t have to listen to me, it is advised, though.

Think of this like the relationship you had with your older sibling when you were a teen; they’d give you advice based on their life experience and it was up to you whether you heeded it or not.

I’m just telling you what I did, what worked for me and hundreds of my clients, and what the current evidence suggests. Listen, don’t listen. Your call.

As Socrates once said: ‘I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think’

Why Do You Have Two A’s In Your Name?

JEEZUS, CAN I FINISH – My parents couldn’t spell, ok? Can we get back on point now?

So, you were saying…

This site is 8+ years of experimenting, learning, failing, succeeding a bit, failing, learning, experimenting some more, failing a lot more and finally succeeding with my own fitness goals. Namely in the quest for the cover model physique.

I haven’t done too bad, I think.

And that’s what I’m all about: how to help people look good naked. 

While this goal tends to be scoffed at by denizens of the fitness populace, for seemingly more worthy goals like chasing athleticism or being ‘functional’, looking good naked, and I have no qualms about admitting this, is all I really care about.

It’s what got my 14-year-old self into lifting a decade ago and is what continues to motivate me to lift today.

So…what’s your site about, exactly?

Think of Physiqonomics like a conversation with your no-nonsense, educated, trainer friend. Who tells you to stop fucking around and get your shit together–not to offend, but because he loves you enough to tell you the truth.

Physiqonomics. Cool name–what’s it mean? 

It’s a portmanteau of the words ‘Physique’ and ‘Onomics’.

Physique: pretty obvious.

-Onomics: A suffix that denotes the study of something.

‘Hi, I’m the owner of a supplement/gym wear/fitness-something-or-the-other company, will you sell our shit?’ 


You have a lot of dope illustrations in your articles, who does these? 

Why thank you. They’re all done by me (unless stated otherwise).

How often do you post a new article?

Not as frequently as I’d like. All my new content is only available to email subscribers (it’s free, you cheapskate).

Do you have social media?

I do. You can follow me here.

I have a question can I contact you?

Get in touch via the Contact tab.

But please don’t write me essay-length emails. The shorter your email, the more likely I am to respond.

And if the subject line of your email has an exclamation point in it: you’re dead to me.

Do you accept guest posts?


Fine, I’m sold. Now what?

I don’t write as much on the website anymore so the best way to keep up with my latest content is by subscribing to my weekly emails.

Over 20,000 people read them every week, and they tell me they’re the best thing since sliced bread. I dunno, decide for yourself.