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“Let me conclude by saying how much of a fan of your work I am. I’m a PT based in North West London and your outlook on everything has begun to largely shape my own writings on facebook, in my blogs and my daily emails.” – Daniel H

“Adam is one of the most intelligent guys in the fitness industry. He applies a no bullshit mindset to dieting and training.

His site has an awesome philosophy; you’ll find articles on everything from training, nutrition, supplementation, mindset and everything in between to help you achieve your physique goals.” Luis Villasenor, Ketogains Founder

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“I am a licensed mental health clinician at a large hospital. I use your articles during sessions with patients who have diabetes to educate them.  I have also correlated a small group of staff to teach them macros, life, fuqery, etc.  I have utilised many of your articles in raw form (print outs to hand out bro) thank you so much for the education and guidance. You assist many strangers.  Ciao ” — Nik DiCara

“The Luke Skywalker of the fitness game with the knowledge of Obi-Wan. The good guy with no set religion to nutrition, training, and method. 
Straight up and Agnostic advice in an industry that changes by the minute.”  – Mushtaq H

“Hi Aadam. Your articles are some of the best ones I’ve ever read, to the point, no BS, and funny. I’m a personal trainer from Scotland and I use your knowledge to broaden mine. Thank you and never stop writing!” – Dorota Swierc

“If you want someone that can explain nutrition and exercise to you with no BS about how hard it is and what you need to do,then this is the guy! 
He doesn’t mind putting it out there and hurt people’s feelings because the truth is the best way to get people to acknowledge the problems.
Look, man, you just got to check him out and you’ll be a follower too!” – Shad S.

“Physiqonomics – A series of well thought out treatise on training, health and nutrition. With swearing.” – Mark Carstairs

“Bro, you’re killing these posts and articles man! Keep doing what you do. You don’t understand how much I look forward to these emails I see in my inbox on a new article or round-up.”– Raj Rajakumar

Aadam’s writing is entertaining enough you don’t need to find nutrition and fitness entertaining to be entertained…plus he breaks the information down so you don’t need an effin’ degree to benefit from his articles. 

To be honest, I think I actually described you this way to my hubby: ‘Dude knows his shit, is entertaining as hell, super helpful, and not a d-bag. Bonus points: has an accent'” – Shauna Emery

“Finally, someone who keeps his fucking feet on the ground (not big-headed I mean)”– Greg

“Physiqonomics (Aadam) is awesome! Straight forward! Doesn’t beat around the bush like most, and give it to you straight! Love reading his emails, quite comical at times, worth the read!”– Rich

“I don’t think I’ve ever consistently kept up with a blogger until I stumbled upon Physiqonomics. The quality is FIRE.”– RJ

“Smart, thorough, funny, and informative!”– Tamara Christie

“Aadam not only talks the talk by producing well-written, science-backed articles that debunk bullshit but he also walks the walk by using himself to experiment with different methods – keto for one. He also makes for a very interesting guest on podcasts”– Rachel H

“Simply put, you’ll absolutely want to sign up for this email list, Aadam brings perspective to situations that will regularly make you say “Aha”. Constantly gives you material that all the industry guys charge for and no marketing filler. I would pay for what he sends out for free”– Hamza 

“The best thing about Aadam is that he makes me think and question things while also making me laugh”– Lindsay F

“Physiqonomics is one of the best sites for free, up-to-date, no-nonsense, information on nutrition and training packaged in clever  wit. Also, Aadam is one sexy beast” – Mickey N

“Aadam is seriously one of the most interesting and engaging writers out there who you can’t help but learn something from. The guy is simply awesome at what he does” John Flynn

“Aadam is extremely well read & it shows in his writing. He explains complex things in simple terms often with diagrams (lol). His articles are like the cliff notes for all those books I’ll never read.
Thanks so much for the obvious time and dedication you put into every article. You really are gifted in your ability to teach concepts easily through your writing style. So, thank you for what you do. It’s appreciated!”– Ruth S

“I just wanted to say that Aadam is where it is at for health and fitness right now. He is at the top of his game. I have just implemented information I have seen on his site with fantastic results. I can’t imagine the results I would get working with him! He is also phenomenal at answering any and all questions that you may have”– Rob M

– Zara

– Ryan Doris

– Dann


“Dude I literally love reading your stuff. You talk sense in a way that makes sense to me. It’s like two dead pools have just met and are having some nice chimichangas, avoiding the apocalypse and just looking at boobies.” – Warren Day


I just wanted to say THANK you! You did something awesome for me – and you don’t even know about it. But you deserve to know 🙂 Here is my story:

In the late August 2017 three things happened to me simultaneously:

* my feet started to ache, it was hard to stay on them in the morning
* two independent people congratulated me on being pregnant (I wasn’t)
* I read your article: You’re Not Losing Fat Because You’re Eating Too Damn Much.

And that was THE VERY FIRST TIME in my life I started to see the connection between the calories I eat and how much I weight. I know, it sounds funny. I am nearly 40. I’ve heard about calories, heck, I am one of those few people that know the definition of calorie. However, up to this point I was convinced that there is a big mystery around gaining/losing weight.

But I started. I took your advice and installed fitnesspal. I was amazed to discover, how much calories I ate. And it wasn’t just chocolate – I tried to eat healthy. So ate lots of nuts (you know, something like 200g package at once), I drank juices, I ate yogurts with real fruit etc. I mean, good stuff, something I should be eating – just not so much.

And I tried to keep the calories under the limit. And in a week I lost 1 kg (I live in Europe 😉 ). And then another. And another. And the most amazing part was – it wasn’t difficult at all! I knew how much I can eat, I know how much I ate.

Long story short: since then I have lost 15 kg and I went from BMI=29 to BMI=23.5. And I am still tracking how much I eat.

And I am this kind of person that is too lazy to clean up her apartment or do the shopping regularly. And I thought I am a person that cannot resist a dessert. And it turns out, I am not.

I also learned a lot, about will power, about what works for me, about what else I can do with my life (maybe I will start excising more eventually?) – and I started to believe that I can change a lot. I just need to know what I want and try to figure out how to do it best.

THANK YOU!!! Seriously, and I am not kidding, your article was the main source of my motivation and _the_ ignition point for the change.” – Ania Pylak

“Been a regular reader over the last year, and I wanted to thank you for your content.  Its been INTEGRAL to helping me.
April of last year, I was 282 pounds, 40%+ fat, and honestly spiraling outta control on the nutrition side.  Yet whenever I tried to get in control, I found it too daunting.  “Getting healthy” meant slaving away on the eliptical 4 days a week, barely eating, and when you do, don’t eat carbs!
I can’t remember how I came qcross your stuff, but what stuck with me wasn’t the language (That’s kinda the thing everyone snickers about) but you really adopted the mentality of “it may or may not be your fault, but its your responsibility, so I’m here to help you meet it by being real.”  Thats refreshing for those in my situation.
I won’t belabor all the details, struggles and joys of finally deciding something had to be done, but I did it.  Adopted a lot of the sensible stuff you talked about to my own life.
We’re 9 months into that diet, and I weigh 195 pounds and am at 15% fat.  There’s more to do, but there’s a real freedom in having control of your nutrition/training that isn’t discussed enough.  So thanks for pitchin’ in towards getting that under control.” – Kevin Tierney

“I. Cant. Even. Not only do you touch in a clear, no bullshit easily understood way on all the major key truths about changing the body by changing the mind, you can actually write. And you made me legit laugh-out-loud numerous times, which if you knew me, and my sense of humor and my expectations with the written word, you’d really appreciate that. Keep doing what you’re doing.” – Devra

“Hi, Aadam. I just wanted to say thanks for your meticulously-researched and no-nonsense articles about nutrition and fitness. So far, I have read the following three:
I am on a journey to lose fat and get in better shape, and these articles were really helpful to me. I’ve always been a skeptical, show-me-the-evidence type of guy, and I’ve taken time to research various topics in nutrition and fitness before, so I already had inclinations toward a lot of conclusions you made, but your article really helped to pull a lot of threads together. They also helped me in a motivational sense, as I recently encountered “the suck” and was feeling a little frustrated and hopeless. Just reading that this is a real and documented phenomenon along with your explanation was enough to make me double down on my plan and keep moving forward.
I also appreciate your work because it’s going to save me a lot of time in the future. I’ve had tons of conversations about these issues with various folks since I got started on my journey, and it never ceases to amaze me how people gravitate toward “magic bullet” solutions in whatever fad-diet form they take. I’m not sure if it’s because it makes them feel special, or because it gives them hope, or what. Anyway, now, when I deal with every Tom, Dick, and fucknuts who tells me I’m fat because of fresh fruit and won’t ever lose weight unless I get into ketosis, I can just forward them your articles and give them the finger instead of spending an hour on my own response essay.
Also, I really enjoy your illustrations.
That’s it. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work.”

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