What I’m Working On

If you’re a reader of the site you’ll know that I post sporadically. This is mainly because I don’t want to add to the already incessant noise that is the fitness content world. And unless I’m super pumped to write about a topic or have something to say I feel needs saying – I won’t post. This could mean there might not be a new post on the site for months at a time.

And I’m perfectly happy with that.

This page is for those amongst you who want to know what I’m currently up to and what I’m working on.

Here you go.

Updated: 13/12/17

  • I recently moved into a new apartment – the view from the balcony isn’t bad. 1

  • Working on new articles for the site.
  • Working on 2 books – hoping to get these out in the new year.
  • Zero to Pull-up: A complete program to help you go from zero pull-ups to one (and more).
  • More illustrated Instagram content is in the works.
  • Reading, as always.
  • Tons of new content for subscribing members. (You can find out more information and become a member here.)
  • Trying not to hate everything I write and create.
  • And helping all my beautiful clients crush their goals. (Take a look.)

The best ways to keep in touch with me:


This was inspired by Derek Sivers