The Lean Muscle Handbook

The Lean Muscle Handbook was the result of countless emails and questions I received asking how to build lean muscle without gaining fat (a.k.a. lean gains).

In answering the question, I wrote my face off and ended up with an almost 50-page book looking at this exact thing. 

Here’s what you’re going to learn

  • The truth about building muscle without gaining fat
  • How to transition from a cut to a gaining phase so you don’t lose the progress you’ve made
  • How to set up your muscle-building diet with the right amount of calories and macros to optimise muscle gain and minimise fat gain
  • How much muscle you can expect to build
  • How to fit in cardio during a muscle-building phase (and why you should do it)
  • When and how to make adjustments to your diet to keep progress happening
  • The mindset, nutrition, and training strategies I use with clients to help them stay lean for life

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