Building the Body of Your Dreams Is Both a Science and a Philosophy

When it comes to building muscle and burning stubborn body fat, there are certain strategies you need to learn and implement to achieve your best body. 

These same strategies are what I’ve used to help hundreds of men and women like you get into the best shape of their lives.  

And I’ve distilled them into a free six-lesson email course.


I took 6 of the most important lessons around burning fat, building muscle, and hacking your mindset and compiled them into a series of essays. 

Each day, you’ll receive one essay where I’ll cover everything you need to know about losing those stubborn love handles and building lean, toned, muscle.

At the end of each lesson, I’ll give you a small task to complete so you can take what you’ve learned and implement it. 

Here’s what we’ll be covering: 

Essay 1 | The 4 Tenets of Body Transformation

There are four key tenets when it comes to transforming your body. Without knowing these you’re going to fail. 

Essay 2 | The Body Transformation Order of Priorities

Whether your goal is to build muscle or lose fat – there’s an exact order of priority you must follow to be successful. 

Essay 3 | Carbs or Fats?

In this essay, I’ll explain why both carbs and fats are equally as important and how to strategically use them both to burn fat and build muscle.

Essay 4 | The Secret Power of Fasting

In this essay I’ll discuss the real power of fasting that nobody talks about (this one secret will increase your chances of succeeding with your diet).

Essay 5 | Change Is Hard (Do It Anyway)

Changing your body is hard, but I’ll explain exactly why this is a good thing and how to take advantage of it.

Essay 6 | Avoid “Gumption Traps”

A Gumption Trap is the ultimate reason people fail their body transformation. I’ll explain exactly what it is and more importantly – how to beat it.


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