How to Download the PLTNM Mobile App

The PLTNM app is now available to download. It’s still in beta so you won’t find it in the app stores just yet. But you can follow the instructions below to get the app on your device (Apple and Android).


1- Copy and paste the link below in Safari (web browser). The link is at the end of this section.

2- Once you’ve opened the link, log into your PLTNM account.

3- Click the “share” icon   

4- Scroll down on the modal that pops up, and click on “add to home screen”

Once the app has been added to your home screen, you’ll be able to access the app like you would any other app.

—> Here’s the link:


Android is relatively straightforward.

1- Copy and paste the same link ( into Chrome.

2- Login to your PLTNM account.

3- Once you’ve logged in, you’ll get a prompt to add to home screen––it’ll look something like this:

*Note: It might take a few seconds for the message to pop up. So be patient with it.

4- Add the app to your home screen, and you’re done