10 Thoughts On Intermittent Fasting

By Aadam | February 19, 2015

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a massive proponent of Intermittent Fasting (IF).

I first came across IF back in 2013, during my first ‘proper’ cut.

Over the last 2(ish) years of intermittently fasting, daily — I wanted to share some thoughts.

1. It’s a lot easier than i’d thought

I remember the first day I started IF, and skipping breakfast had me feelin’ some kinda way. I wasn’t sure if i’d even be able to last the full fasting period.

But, It was actually a lot easier than I thought. Initially, the first few days or so, were pretty tough due to the hunger hormone ghrelin ‘readjusting’ (ghrelin regulates hunger — and can be ‘trained’,hence why people get hungry at the same time everyday) to the new eating schedule.

By the end of the first week, I was good to go with just a cup of coffee.

You already ‘fast’ during the 6–10 hours your sleeping, so waking up and extending it for an extra 3–4 hours isn’t too tough.

2. Coffee

1. Just another reason to drink more of Jesus in a cup.

2. Helps with appetite suppression (see 3 points below)

3. I get shit done

IF allows me to wake up, make a cup of coffee and get on with my day. I’ve also found a strange clarity / mental focus during the fasting period.

4. Food becomes less of a *thing*

When dieting, especially when trying to get sub 10% — You can become insanely food focussed. IF allowed me to totally forget about food probably due to its hunger suppression effects.

5. Hunger Suppression

One of the biggest benefits of IF’ing is its ability to suppress hunger. I find that if I eat breakfast, I get ravenously hungry in the next hour or so. Simply skipping breakfast has allowed me to keep hunger at bay until early afternoon when I ‘break’ my fast

6. Learning what actual hunger feels like

A lot of people *think* they’re hungry, when it’s really just mental hunger. Fasting for an extended period of time really helped me learn the difference between psychological hunger (wanting to eat) and physiological hunger (needing to eat)

7. Fasted Training sucks

I don’t care about the proposed benefits of fasted training. It can go fuck itself. I experimented with fasted training for a few days and performance sucked, energy was shit and I could literally feel my muscles being burnt off (jk)

8. It’s a great way to stay lean without having to track

I skip breakfast.

Have a moderate sized first meal (20–30% of total cals)

A protein shake and a piece of fruit pre workout

and a large(ish) meal post workout. (60–80% of total cals)

This is a great way to maintain a certain level of conditioning while not having to track.

If I begin losing weight — add in some more carbs and protein to my last meal and preworkout shake

Putting on too much weight — Reduce carb servings at last meal.


9. It isn’t the “secret” to fat loss.

Regardless of what anyone may tell you — calories still COUNT (see what I did there) fewer meals just mean fewer calories consumed. Tracking intake will optimise your results.

10. It’s not for everyone

People who are prone to/have eating disorders should stay away from IF — it’s only going to exacerbate the problem.

Women also tend to not do so well on IF. If you are a female who wants to experiment with IF, keep your fasting window to no more than 12 hours (Martin Berkhan caps it at 14 for women, so play around with it).

I do intend to write a full post on IF and my modified version of it.

But I don’t know when that will be.