One thing I’ve realised over the years is that there’s a large number of people who are here just for the content.

They aren’t interested in coaching or a fitness product or whatever: they simply enjoy my content and want to read more of it.

While I’m not publishing as much content publicly as I used to––I am actually creating a lot of content for PLTNM members.

Unfortunately, that leaves many people without any, especially if you’re among the group who’s only here for the things I create.

Which brings us to the main point

I’m thinking of creating Physiqonomics+, which will give you access to the exclusive member-only content not available anywhere else.

Content like:

  • The Vitamin 💊: Every month, Colby Sousa (Physiqonomics’ chief science officer) and I keep an eye out for new studies relevant to Physiqonomics readers. We then select 4 of the most interesting ones spanning nutrition, training, supplements, and general health and break them down in a way an ordinary person can understand.
  • All the guides currently available (and all future guides): the guides are long-form pieces of content focusing on one specific topic. At the moment, these are the guides I’ve published:
    • Diet break guide
    • Female fat loss guide
    • Lean muscle guide
    • Aggressive diet guide
    • Ketogenic diet guide
    • Diet adjustment guide
    • Intermittent fasting guide
    • Dealing with emotional eating (guest presentation by Dr Emilia Thompson)
  • The Physiqonomics Weekly archives: You’ll be able to access all previous and future issues of my weekly emails.
  • The Aadam Answers archives: All through 2019, I published a weekly email Q&A where I answered reader questions. I never posted these publicly, but you’ll get access to every single one.
  • Invite to join the Physiqonomics FB group
  • [Bonus 1] Access to the exercise library (350+ exercise demos)
  • [Bonus 2] Aadam will love you just a little bit more than everyone else

If you enjoy my free content, then you’ll love Physiqonomics+.

Additionally, this is your way to support me, so I can continue creating the ad-free, bullshit-free, kale-free content you value and enjoy. It’s a win-win. Or, well, a win-lose if you’re a fan of kale (don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you––ok, I’ll hold it against you a little bit).

How much will this cost?

It’s going to be $6 (~£4) per month, or you can pay for the year and get two months free ($60/£43 per year).

Now, earlier I mentioned I’m “thinking” of creating this. Obviously, there’s no point if there’s no interest.

SO, if Physiqonomics+ is something you’d be interested in, fill in the form below to register your interest.

Alright, that’s all I got. Once things are ready to go (IF there’s enough interest), I’ll send you an email with more info on signing up.