The Physiqonomics Home Workout Templates


I created customisable workout templates for all experience levels you can do at home no matter what equipment you have available.

Bodyweight only? There’s a template for that. Dumbbells or bands? There’s a template for that too.

AND, they’re insanely affordable.

The Too Long; Did Read

With the Coronavirus running rampant around the world forcing gyms to close down, more and more people are resorting to home workouts.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of these workouts suck.

No offence to Fitchick_99 but I’d rather smash my head against a wall then do another set of fucking burpees.

Rather than doing random home workouts you found on Instagram or wherever, I created customisable home workout templates that give you a structured program you can follow so you make progress without prancing around your house like a moron.

What are these templates?

Instead of a PDF with a bunch of workouts, I thought I’d do something better and create a customisable workout template where you can pick and choose exercises based on what you have available to create your own workouts.

This means you can adjust the program as per your needs, equipment, and experience level.

Here’s an example workout from the program:

By clicking the dropdown arrow next to each exercise you can select from a wide range of exercises for each body part:

What do you get with these templates?

Oh, I dunno, like all of this cool shit:

  • Bodyweight-only + Dumbbell/band workouts. No matter what equipment you have (or don’t have), you’re covered. Oh, and you get access to both programs so if you do decide to pick up equipment in the future, you can switch between workouts as you see fit.
  • The option to train 3, 4, or 5 days per week. Choose from a range of training frequencies that suit your preference.
  • An optional ‘specialisation day.’ So if you want to focus on certain body parts, then you have the option to do that too.
  • Exercise demos for every exercise. No more searching YouTube, you get close to 150 exercise demos (covering bodyweight, dumbbells, and bands) showing you how to perform each exercise.
  • A video walkthrough of how to use the templates so you know exactly what to do to get started right away
  • An accompanying guide that explains why the programs are set up the way they are, how to choose the best training frequency for you, how to the pick the best exercise for you, and how to progress your training with my simple progression guidelines so you can make progress just like you would in the gym.

Alright, Aa, I’m in–how much is this gonna cost me?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

No, really. I’m using a ‘pay-what-you-like’ pricing model so you can pay whatever you think this is worth.

I’ve set the base price at £5 GBP/$6 USD.

People are selling programs that don’t come anywhere close to this for $30+, but I don’t want money to be a reason for you to not work on your goals during this weird time.

So you can choose what you think is a fair price.

If you can afford to pay more, then I’d encourage you to do that because a lot of time and effort went into creating this.

But hey, if you don’t have the means then just pay the base price of £5/$6 USD.

If you want these templates, just click the link below and enter in a fair price and you’ll get an email right away with your templates and all the instructions.

953 people can’t be wrong

953 people have already picked up these templates. Here are some of the comments I’ve received.