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This is the part of the site where I ask you to give me money. But…
When I began writing on this site I promised myself I wouldn’t ever host adverts, try to sell you dodgy supplements, beg you to join an MLM scheme, or any of that other lame stuff that would make me a few quick bucks but take away from the reading experience. As an ardent lover of the written word, I understand how important the reading experience is, and I’ve always endeavoured to make it as pleasurable as possible – exactly why the site is purposefully minimalistic. Content is important to me.

And it’s worked so far. I’ve saved myself from coming across as a shady internet marketer, and It’s forced me to create the best content I possibly can.


As much as you might think I’m an immortal superhuman, I’m not – I know, totally lame – and so I need, you know, human things like food and water to live and do human stuff while continuing to write things you enjoy. But those things cost money, again, I know. Lame.

This is where you come in. If you’re a loyal reader of this site and you enjoy my content, this is a way for you to help support me so I can continue to write things you enjoy while also being able to feed myself.
Ok. So If I join, what do I get?
All of this mind-blowing stuff:
– Member-only Articles: while there are a host of articles on the site, free for everyone to read and benefit from, there’s a bunch of member-only articles that haven’t been published anywhere else. 

Here’s a selection to whet your appetite. 
– Member-only Videos: I’ll also be publishing more videos, and doing more podcasts like the one with Kane Sumabat.

The Process of Writing A Blog [Course]
I created a course with the Shredded By Science team taking a look at how I write articles. The whole thing spans 7 modules and each module is around 30 minutes long. The course was created exclusively for the Shredded By Science members, but Luke Johnson, being the gentleman he is, was kind enough to give me the entire course to give to own members. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at how I write the articles you enjoy: research, idea generation, my writing process, editing, and a host of other things.

– Audio of (most) articles: if you prefer listening to reading, you’ll be able to do so as I’ll have audio formats for most of my articles. They’ll be read by me, too. I don’t know why I told you that, but I hope the allure of hearing my voice entices you to sign up.

– Online Courses: In the future, there will be online courses on a host of topics – nutrition, training, mindset, etc.

– Discounted rates on my coaching services: all members will receive a 30% discount on any of my coaching packages if they decide to work with me. 

– The Diet Setup Guide: A 6000 word guide to help you setup your diet. 
Here's what I cover in the guide:
 -- The Dieting Hierarchy of Priority 
 -- Consideration For a Successful Diet
 -- Setting Up Your Diet
 -- What Should You Eat
 -- Meal Frequency
 -- Nutrient Timing
 -- Supplements
 -- Lifestyle 

Still not sure? Here's a behind the scenes video where I take you through everything listed above. 

So, if you’ve read up until now and think this is your kinda thing. You can become a member by clicking below.
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And how much does this whole thing cost?
It costs just $7.00 per month which, if you allow me to put my marketing hat on, works out to be $0.23 per day – less than the fancy Starbucks Coffee you buy every morning. And unlike your coffee, will yield a higher ROI by making you smarter, sexier, and healthier. 

Alternatively, you can pay for the whole year upfront and get two months free. 
What if I want to cancel?
No problemo, just drop me an email and I'll get that all sorted. 
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